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Cover Reveal for HEAT -- and it's HOT!

I'm sharing the cover of the next book in my Underground Encounters series, which are paranormal romances set in an underground club. Each time I see a new cover in this series, I think I like it more than the last. It's tough to decide!

HEAT (a gargoyle shifter romance)
A gargoyle statue that's more than stone...

Tracy can't explain why she's drawn to a mysterious statue in the Goth club where she bartends. Stranger still, she's been confiding her innermost secrets to it, as if it were an old friend.

But, when her ex shows up one night, drunk and aggressive, the solid stone statue turns to living, breathing, and scorchingly sexy flesh...

Gargoyle shifter Danton transforms to human form to protect Tracy, the woman he has yearned for. Now, he only has twenty-four hours before a curse returns him to stone. How can convince a woman who didn't know he existed to spend those precious hours with him?

HEAT is a novella in the Underground Encounters series, set in a club that attracts supernatural creatures. Each features a different couple--and perhaps species!--and can be read on its own.

Step into Vamps, a thrilling new world of steamy paranormal romance featuring sexy shifters, thirsty vampires, wicked witches, and gorgeous gargoyles.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy the month of love...

Never have the words to that song from the 60's been more appropriate. What the world seems to need now, is love, sweet love.  Discourse has become heavy on the coarse, and no one listens to what anyone else says. We choose our sides and shout across the gulf between us, determined to prove by yelling louder, that our side is the right one, and you need to see the error of your ways. Sigh...

Whatever happened to compromise? All relationships between two or more people involve compromise. It's never possible to get everything you want, without giving up something to the other person's desires. Nor is compromise only something that "losers" do. No one likes a bully, who expects to get his/her way all of the time. Living with siblings, you figure that out early: I get a bit of what I want, you get a bit of what you want, and we can all live with the consequences. I told my kids that giving them siblings was one of the best gifts I could give them, besides life itself, and their daddy as a father. They had to learn to negotiate from an early age, and it was fun for us, watching how they made and broke alliances as the situations changed. Now they're all in their twenties, and still very close; I think having three guaranteed best friends is a great way to go through life.

But when you fall in love, many times people forget that compromises have to be made constantly. Whose job is most important, if a move is require? Should we live in an apartment, or a house? How big of a yard do we want? What kind of bed? Food? Entertainment options? Kids? Pets? Etc. Life is full of things you have to make compromises on, including silly things like, She likes rom-com movies, but he only likes sci-fi and Marvel action movies. Which do we go to tonight?  So you let him pick tonight's movie, then you get to pick the next date night movie. No one gets all they want all of the time, but you each feel respected, and get enough of what you want, so you're both satisfied.

In my first published book, Never Too Old for the Game of Love,  Tegan is a divorced mother of two pre-teens, who is close to her 40th birthday, and convinced that love has passed her by. She and her best friend run a party-planning business. When the brother-in-law of one of their friends needs a party planned for an important client, they are thrilled to get the job. One thing leads to another, and soon Tegan and the handsome divorced man, Alejandro Reyes, are having a torrid affair on the one weekend a month that her ex-husband has the kids. They both agree that it's only to be a secret affair, because she's afraid to commit to anything else after her painful divorce; she also doesn't want her kids to be hurt again. But as the months go by, they both, separately, realize they have fallen deeply in love with each other. Tegan is still gun-shy. Alejandro, who once told her he became a top salesman because he, "not only supplies what the buyer thinks he needs, but fills needs the buyer isn't even aware of yet," is determined to prove to her that it's not just a game for him anymore.

Set-up: in this scene, they are celebrating in February, at his expensive condo in downtown Chicago. When he picked her up, she was moody because her kids, especially the older one, her "tween" daughter, have been giving her lots of grief. He's trying to get her to focus on him and what he wants to say.

     “What makes you think I’m not upset with you?”  Tegan asked angrily.
     He looked at her again, then poured the wine into the two glasses, and handed one to her.  “What did I do?”
     She stalked out into the living room area, and Alexander shrugged, then followed her, to sit on the couch that faced the chair she had perched herself on.  She nervously tapped one foot, while she struggled with what she was going to say.
     “It’s more a matter of you being just one more person that I have to please.  Everyone wants a little part of me, and I’m running out of parts.  Sometimes I feel like there’s no parts left for me.”  She shook her head.  “I’m not explaining this well at all, am I?”
     He took a sip of his wine, to give him a minute to think of how to respond. 
     “What if I told you I want more than just a little part of you?”
     She looked at him intently, “What do you mean?  How much more?”
     “As much as you are willing to give me.  Or to share with me.”
     “I can’t do that, you know that.  I have to think of my kids first.”
     He noted dryly, “They don’t seem to be giving much thought to being grateful to you these days, do they?”
     “That’s not the point.  They are heading into their teen years, and I always knew this was going to be the bumpy part of the trip.  I remember being a teenager.  It was damn hard to figure out who I was, and who I wanted to be.  I was a real rebel for a long time…my older sister was the ‘perfect one’, who always got good grades, and never gave my parents any trouble.  I don’t think she even had sex until she got married…maybe not until she got to college, anyway.”
     He smiled at her, “Somehow, I don’t think you waited that long.”
     She shook her head, a tiny smile on her lips now, “No.  I got tired of masturbating all of the time, and decided to see if having sex with a boy would ‘last’ any longer, and give me more relief from the constant yearnings I had.  I was seventeen when I first ‘went all the way’ with a boy, and after that, since I wasn’t enjoying it half as much as when I ‘did’ myself, I spent the next few years trying to get better at what I was doing, so I would enjoy it more.”
     She took a few sips of her wine now, before she continued, “I don’t think I even had an orgasm with a guy until I was in college.  But once I did, I was like a kid in a candy store!  It’s so ridiculously easy for a woman to get laid, as opposed to a man, who has to work for it!  All I ever had to do was walk into a bar, and send off some ‘signals’ that I was available.  I swear, it must have been pheromones or something.  Before long, they’d start appearing around me, and I’d have my pick of who to go home with, or to take home with me.”
     Alexander shifted around on the couch, trying to ignore the throbbing erection in his increasingly tight pants.  
    “I’d be even more jealous, if I didn’t know that everything that you have done, every man you have ever had, has led you to my condo, and my bed.  Since I don’t intend to ever let you leave me, I guess I’ll just chalk it all up to ‘practice’, so you would be able to blow my mind, and make me realize that you are the only woman for me.”
     She looked at him in shock.  “What are you saying?”
     He got off of the couch then, and knelt in front of her chair.  “Tegan, honey, I was planning on waiting until after dinner to talk to you about this.  In fact, I was planning on waiting until we had enough sex, so that I would be able to think clearly again.  But I don’t seem to ever be able to do things the way I plan to, when you are around.  You are the most exasperating woman I have ever met.  You make me crazy, then you give me more pleasure than I have ever thought possible.”
     He paused, to shift around, since his knees were hurting from the pressure of kneeling on them.  She waited, expectantly.
     “Tegan, I want to marry you, someday.  But first, I want to get to know your kids.  I want you to get to know my family.  I want the whole world to know that you, Tegan O’Neill, are officially ‘off the market’, since you belong to me now.  This is February, the month of Valentine’s Day.  It’s the right time for me to tell you that I love you, and I don’t want to live without you anymore.”
     He leaned forward now, and smiling at the shocked expression on her face, he kissed her. Predictably, once their lips met, the heat flared between them, and before long they were rolling around on the floor, tearing off each other’s clothing, and working towards their mutual goal of joining their bodies together again. 
Of course, things will not work out easily for this couple. They have obstacles to deal with before they find their happily-ever-after. But they will. And since this is the first book in a series that to date, has six books, they will make appearances in subsequent Reyes Family Romance novels.  Find out more about this, and all of my other books, at my website: http://www.fionamcgier.com
And I will see you again next month on the 16th. Until then, remember that love is only possible when you respect each other as individuals. And compromise isn't a dirty word.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Valentine Gift - A Day Late from Andrew Grey

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day.  Mine was great.  Dominic is such a sweetheart and got me comfort chocolate (M&M's - 2 pounds of them)  Anyway as part of the Valentine celebration, Dreamspinner is having a 30% off sale and this includes current and preorder items.  Now Smoldering Flame just released two days ago and my newest title Running to You is available for preorder.  I have to tell you I love a sale, so don't miss out.  These are both great stories... and the covers....

I love firemen and when LC Chase sent me this cover I started drooling.  The model is one she photographed, so you won't find him on many covers.  He's worthy of a Valentine all on his own.

I think the Running to You cover is one that's right up there with my favorite covers of all time.  During the cover development process I wasn't so sure, but it came out amazing and he's worthy of a Valentine any day.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Coming Soon, Comes A Hero

Jennifer Weston adjusted her hat and looked around at all the other women on the train. Everyone was eager to get to the fort and start the procedure of procuring the remains of their loved-ones. She was excited too, but in the back of her mind a lot of things were running rampart. There had been talk of civil war for months and the tension that it brought stirred everyone. Did these women understand the turmoil of these trying times, she wondered?

There was no use worrying about it. They came on this mission knowing it might not all be good. But the their goal of getting their loved one's home was all they thought of.

They'd be getting off in Ft. Worth and a wagon would take them to the fort, which would be the last leg of their journey.

She was the only woman on the train that wasn't a widow. But her brother had died out west and her family needed closure, so she came, to claim his body and have it moved back to New York.

As she sat listening to the sounds the train made against the tracks, she contemplated this strange journey she had volunteered for. Her mother was in ill health and her father had to take care of her youngest brother. Since only women would be allowed by the government on this trip, she knew she was the only one that could carry through the task. Still, there was something about uprooting a body and reburial that bothered her. The government said he died a hero, that he was buried with full military honors. But her parents insisted he needed to come home and be buried in the family cemetery. Jennifer had mixed feelings on the subject, but finally agreed to do it for her mother.

She had no idea what to expect. She heard a lot of the women talking about where their husbands had been killed and how they weren't even sure there were bodies left to bury. It made her doubt this trip being wise.

When they were close to arriving at Ft. Worth, she changed into more appropriate clothes, a suede riding skirt and vest, with a white blouse, she'd even bought a hat at one of the small towns they stopped at.

Most of the other women didn't change. She wondered why, but she said nothing. Since she was an avid horsewoman, she donned this kind of clothing often.

Ft Worth was a loud, and boisterous town, with gambling, gun play and rowdy cowboys coming or going on a cattle drives. The dust rarely settled.

But there was a man standing on the platform of the station waiting, and she was sure he must be the one with the wagons, that would take them to the fort.

They all got off and nearly emptied a whole car of seats.

An older woman came straight up to the man on the platform. "Are you the man that will take us ladies to the fort?" She asked.

The man eyed her, "Yes ma'am." He glanced over the crowd of women. "If you'll all follow me."

"Excuse me, but it was a long ride and some of us are rather parched, can we stop somewhere and get something to drink." One of the women sashayed up to him.

"Sorry, there's a water barrel over against the building. Get yourself a drink and let's go." He instructed. He sounded a bit abrupt, but Jennifer realized that they were complaining of their train ride, of their thirst and asking questions he obviously couldn't answer.

"We can't go to a café?" one lady asked with a sweet voice.

"No ma'am, I've got to get you there and settled as quickly as possible, there aren't many men at the fort and we are constantly under attack by the Indians."

"Indians?" Another woman yelped.

"Yes ma'am. Indians." He almost smiled.

Jennifer stared at the man, he was uncommonly handsome and clean shaven, but he sure had a sour-pus attitude. The women lined up for a drink of water then followed him to the wagons with benches built to hold them.

"We have to ride this to the fort?" Another woman asked.

"Yes ma'am, it's a ten-day ride and we'll be there. We've got three wagons," He told her. "I realize it isn't comfortable, but considering how many women there are, it is the best we could do on such short notice."

"Short notice, you didn't know we were coming?" Another woman shouted from the back of the crowd.

"Not until last week, no ma'am."

"What's your name young man?" the older woman asked him.

"Quirt Noble, ma'am."

"Quirt, what a strange name." She huffed.

He helped them in the wagons and they were all crammed into them like pickles in a barrel. Two of the solders from the fort were driving the other wagons. They also talked among themselves and shot him some rather unfriendly faces too.

The ride was bumpy, hot, and the benches were hard. Jennifer was sure she'd have a few bruises on her backside, all the women were uncomfortable, but there was no other sensible way of getting there all together.

That night Quirt made a fire, got out the pots and pans, and offered them all beans and salt pork.

As they gathered around the fire later, Quirt stayed a distance away from them, allowing them every privacy, but he felt he had to warn them. So later that evening before they bedded down he gathered them together.

He cleared his throat and came into the big circle they made. "Ladies, I feel I need to warn you all of what to expect."

Everyone's head reared at that. His commanding voice seemed to boom on the prairie.

"The fort is in Indian territory. The Indians are rather hostile with us at the moment. And the war between the states has already started, as you probably have already heard or read in the paper. You were sent here with the best of intentions, but our situation has changed so drastically that I'm afraid you won't be happy with it."

The women all remarked to each other for a moment, until he cleared his throat again.

"My name is Quirt Noble, for those of you that didn't hear earlier. I'm a scout for the army. I've been given temporary rank by the commanding officer to actually command the fort until Confederate troops take over." He explained.

"Confederate troops," someone way in the back of the crowd yelled.

"Yes ma'am, we're in Texas and Texas is a Confederate state."

"When will they take over the fort?" One woman asked.

"I don't know when they will pick up command, I'm sorry. Most of the men at our fort have evacuated, including the commander. The reason for that is because most of them were from the north, stationed out here to protect the settlers from Indians. Now that this war has started, things will change. And I won't be aware of all the changes before you are. Confederate soldiers may occupy the fort at times. At other times we'll be down to a skeleton crew. Indians are our main concern right now, later we might even have to fight the Yankees, if they come this far southwest. Although, I don't look for that to happen for a while.

"You ladies were sent out here to see to the proper burial of your loved ones. The intentions of Washington were extremely generous about letting you leave to the forts where your husbands were killed. But, I must tell you now," he paused to look out over the crowd of women who already looked a bit shocked. "You will not leave this fort."

Murmurings went up all over the crowd.

"I can't be responsible for your lives if you leave. So, for now, you will all remain at the fort and until further notice."

"But sir, my husband wasn't killed at Ft. Davis." One woman hollered through the crowd.

"I'm aware that many of your husbands weren't. But things have changed drastically from the time you left Washington and now. Now our nation is at war with itself, and the Indians are at war too. I must inform you that because of the war between the states, some of the southern forts will be abandoned, and impossible for you to proceed to. I realize this is not what you expected. None of us expected. We didn't know in time to stop you from coming."

"You mean, after all of this, all this long trip which has been harrowing to say the least, that we still won't be able to see or retrieve our loved ones?"

"No ma'am, you won't. Except for the ones buried at Ft. Davis. And I am truly sorry for this. Unless the Confederate commander has other ideas, you will have to stay at Ft. Davis. And I do realize what an imposition this is on your plans. However, due to the war, it cannot be helped. Because the Indians are warring and the states are warring there is no way we can permit travel from one fort to another. It is strictly for your own safety."

"But…that's preposterous! The federal government promised us." A beautiful young woman came right up to him, with her hands on her hips and her face contorted into a huge frown.

"Yes ma'am, I agree. If we could have stopped your train and redirected you back to your homeland, we would have. But that was an impossibility, too. So, what this means to both of us is that for now, you are all subjects of Fort Davis until further notice."

The women all began to bicker between themselves and Quirt knew he was going to be ganged up on soon.

When a handful approached him a few minutes later, they stood with their hands on their hips and their jaws set, with frowns as big as the state of Texas staring at him. "You can't do this!" They protested.

"I'm afraid it's out of my hands ladies. I have orders to protect you, no matter the cost to my men. I aim to do that to the best of my ability." He explained. "Not only you, but the homesteaders around the fort."

The women all began talking at once. It was worse than any Indian attack he'd ever fought in, Quirt was sure of that.

Then a rifle shot fired into the air, stopped everyone as Jennifer stepped closer.

"Ladies," her glance went around the crowd. "We are caught between a war. Several wars in fact. A war none of us wanted. Nonetheless a war. This man has a job to do and he's got to do it. There's nothing we can do, we are all relatives of soldiers, we know the rules, the regulations. Nothing to do but cooperate with these men at the fort and do the best we can until help arrives. So, I suggest we make do, for now! Like the man said, it is possible the Confederate officers will see things differently, until then we are stuck, not by anyone's choosing."

"But my husband…."

Jennifer nodded, "Is dead. We aren't. Don't you see, we are in distress. We have a fort with few men, Indians on the warpath and another huge war coming at us. There is nothing we can do, except try to help in any way we can. Let's face it ladies, that's what we are good at, helping. I suggest from this moment on that we roll up our sleeves, forget the petticoats and work with the men to survive. We do want to survive, don't we?"

Quirt's brow raised in amazement, he certainly hadn't expected for a woman to come to his rescue, but right then he could have kissed her for her words. Because whether they liked it or not, they all began to see the seriousness of the situation.

He stared at the woman. She was curvaceous and had beautiful blonde hair and dark brown eyes that nailed him to the spot. She had saved him, but he saw a tongue lashing coming, sooner or later from her too.

One thing he had to remind himself. He couldn't become attracted to any of these women. Most, if not all were widows and here to tend their dead husbands. Besides that, he had more important things to worry about, like Indians and Yankees.

When the crowd of women dispersed, he went over to the tall blonde and tipped his hat. He liked the fact that he could look at her almost eye-level.  "I want to thank you for that little speech you gave. I guess I'm not very good at knowing how to talk to women."

She let a slight smile slip past her firm lips and nodded, "I thought you could use some help. My name is Jennifer Weston, I've come out here to find my brother's remains and have them shipped back to New York."

"Your brother, then…. you aren't a widow?" He asked with a frown.

"No," She didn't offer any more explanation.

"I thought all the women were here to collect their husband's remains?"

"They are, I'm not. I wrote some time ago, to a Mr. Robert E. Lee about my brother and he arranged for me to come out with the other ladies."

"Robert E. Lee?" His jaw flexed.

"That's right. He was stationed at one time at your fort I believe."

"Well yes, it's just he's been promoted to lead the Confederate Army, did you know that?"

"No, I wasn't interested in his title at the time."

"You're from the north then."

"Yes, New York."

"Well, I must tell you now, you won't be shipping anything home for a long while."

"Why not?"

"I cannot allow people coming and going during an Indian war too, ma'am. It's too dangerous. You see, the war between the states has already started and it won't be long the Indians will know this. They'll be attacking. They'll know we don't have enough men to defend the fort. We're going to have to prepare for the unknown ma'am."

"Why do you think we came out here, sir?" She asked, putting her hands on her hips now.

She was a very handsome woman, and Quirt had to fan his attraction. "It doesn't matter, those plans have changed. All of them, and unfortunately, we have no choice. When our commander left this fort, so ill-equipped to fight the Indians, believe me, this fort changed, and not for the best ma'am. We are in danger here, but there is absolutely nothing we can do, but our best to protect it. That's my job, to protect this fort, and you ma'am are part of that fort... now!"

"But…" she was speechless as he walked off and didn't give her a chance to object again.

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Love is in the Air with 3 new #ValentinesDay releases @AuthorNicMorgan @RomanceBoxedSet #RomanceCollections #99cents #Romance

Welcome to Sweet N Sexy Divas, I'm your tour host for the day, so sit back, prop up your feet and get comfy. I'm about to share some goodies with you.

Love is in the Air...

Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by today! The Authors of Romance Collections have 3 new amazing Valentine's Day boxed sets that I'd love to share with you! 

Romance Collections is proud to present these fourteen stories of love that know no boundaries. Like rivers flowing through the canvas of earth, these stories will run deep, touch softly and leave you breathless. 
No matter who it is with, passion is magnificent, desires are bold, and love is beautiful.

Romance Collections is proud to present these fifteen sexy and scintillating stories of passion, lust and desire. With each pulsating chapter, you will be pulled into these stories that will seduce you with every flip of the page. 
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Romance Collections is proud to present these fourteen sweet and endearing love stories that will warm your heart, fill you with joy and remind you the true meaning of what it is to fall in love. 

No matter how love finds these couples, you’ll be reminded just how tender it can be.

Purchase links can be found here: https://www.romancecollections.com/love-me-tender

Thank You for joining me today! I'll see you all next month on the 1st. Have a great month and remember to check out Romance Books 4 Us for some awesome reads! 

Nicole Morgan is an author of erotic romance novels, which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Erotic romance mixed with good old-fashioned whodunit. While she's written everything from contemporary to paranormal her leading men will more than likely be wearing a uniform of some kind. From military to police officers, she has a love for writing about those who protect and serve. From her very first novel about Navy SEALs to her more recent releases you will be sure to find a few twists and turns you were not expecting.

She is a proud member of the Romance Books 4 Us Gold Authors and also one of the Sweet N Sexy Divas.  

Until next month lovies ~ Nic 

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35 Bestselling Romance Authors - 35 Winners - Tina Donahue's Romance Author Love-In Contest - Gift Packs, Signed Books, GCs, Swag, and More! #Contest #GCs #GiftPacks

Do you love romance?
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Here's the lineup of authors (all times Eastern):

Noon - 1 PM: Tina Donahue
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Wrap up: Tina Donahue

Hope you'll join us!

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The World’s Stupidest Contest

I have always been a competitive sort, so, a number of years ago, my wife and I began competing to see who could find the most change on the ground each time we went out. That led to a few embarrassing moments, like when I reached between a lady’s feet at the grocery store to retrieve a fallen dime … and she scowled at me, maybe even sneered. Nevertheless, we persisted because it was fun, and we met a number of interesting people along the way who laughed with us as we competed in the open chasing pennies. One time my sister even walked ahead of us pitching out change just to watch us scramble for it. We didn’t know she was setting us up, but we figured it out soon enough. She got a good laugh in the interim. There was also the time at an intersection when I spied a bunch of change on the road. I jumped out to get it and my wife’s teenage boys sunk down in the back seat so as not to be seen. We also found a large cash of about 100 pennies and nickels just outside a bar in Canada, and provided a good laugh for the people inside as we competed for the change. The whole game might seem trivial to someone watching from the outside, but we enjoyed it. It was one of those stupid things that couples do just for the heck of it.

Later we met some very good friends who also got into the game. We decided we would see which couple, them or us, could find the most money on the ground over a one-year period. Wishing wells and public venues where people throw money were specifically excluded. The challenge was on. At first, I did not tell them my secret weapon – a yardstick. About six months into the game, however, we were so far ahead that I did reveal my secret. You see, a yardstick is ideal for scraping lost change from beneath vending machines. The most change I ever found under a vending machine was at a Dallas bus stop. I scored $12.43 under that single machine. In any case, the four of us competed all year long, and my wife and I eventually won with a little over $150 in found money over that year. Most was in change. Only a few bills were found.
Our friends sent us an e-mail last week claiming we should still be playing the game because they had found $41 in the Target parking lot. That’s more than we ever found at one time, although we did find a $20 bill once, as well as a $10 and a $5 on different occasions. It’s actually quite common to find $1 bills, or at least it was before the great recession. We have come to realize the health of the economy can be assessed by the amount of change on the ground. There has been an eight year dry spell, but the change is coming back now. Maybe it’s time to compete again.

And speaking of competition, there is always rivalry aplenty in the Miss Havana series. Here’s an excerpt from The Training Bra to show the competition between the devil and his daughter, Lilith. At this point in the story, Lilith has taken control of hell, having overcome both her mother, Miss Havana, and the devil, her father. The devil is grimacing; his thoughts reek:
My daughter sucks. Her weirdwolves suck. My station in death sucks. Everything sucks. I grit my teeth and sit in rigid fear of retribution as the stinking weirdwolf pinches off the last log of its insult on the back of my neck and the warm runny part drips down my spine. The indignity of it all pisses me off. The only sharp thing I have is my wit, or I’d teach the damn thing to growl like a soprano. One quick cut. That’s all it’d take. For the death of me, I don’t understand how a creature that eats only junk food can produce such a huge dump.
I glare at the back of Lilith’s lofty throne, wishing once again I had never lusted after the evil she-devil, Miss Havana. If not for that bitch, I would be sitting on that throne meting out judgments as I had for eternity.
My lust might have been blind, but my daughter has been a real eye-opener. The longer I sit here the less impressed I am with her. Lilith considers herself the underworld’s gift to judgment, but I’ve sent many victims to their ultimate horror with far more flair and greater accolades from the gallery. She reads the files of the accused before pronouncing judgment, and it all comes out the same: “Bla, bla, bla.” Her judgments are like anger without enthusiasm, like reaching a conclusion by getting tired of thinking. I also can’t imagine why she gives any victim the opportunity to respond. The demons screw with the files so much the information in them is of little value, and nothing the judged might utter will alter the outcome one whit.

So much for the world’s stupidest contest.

Thanks for reading,

James L. Hatch

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Writing What You Know with @meganslayer #erotic #homelife #cedarwoodseries

I've tried for the most part to write what I know. I don't know any vampires or werewolves, but hey, imagination is a good thing, right?

One of the things I'd like to think I know a lot about is home life. Being a parent, dog parent and such. I'm not saying I'm the best. Far from it. I'm pretty sure the cats believe the house is theirs and I'm simply the housekeeper/food dispenser.

But being a parent has bled into my work. My tot runs cross country, so of course, that's shown up in my work. The cats think they should watch...everything. Yeah, it's played into the books. My lousy attempts at cooking? You guessed it. Art teachers and teachers in general...yep. Same thing.

So as I'm writing this post, I'm doing my best pet parenting. See, the dog had glaucoma that got out of control. I had no idea this sort of thing happened. Anyway, because the glaucoma couldn't be controlled, she had to have her eye removed. Now with people, you can tell them, don't scratch that. The stitches won't heal if you pick at them. Dogs don't understand that. They need those horrible cones to keep them from digging into their various issues. My dog HATES that cone. I hate putting it on her. She's only got one eye and now I'm putting this huge thing that bonks into everything on her head. Seems unfair. So instead of keeping the cone on her, I've been spending my time next to her. If I have an eye on her, she's not picking at the stitches. It's a pretty good plan.

And I think this event will end up in a book. I know I'm not the only pet parent who's had a dog with an eye removed. It's a trial and tough, but we're getting through it. I can see a character having the same issues--except maybe with a new relationship, too. Yeah, and the town of Cedarwood seems like the best place to set this story. What do you think? Read any of my Cedarwood, single gay father, books? Then chime in. If you haven't read them, then why not? Grin.

Here's a little bit about book 1, Home to Cedarwood:

Home to Cedarwood   

Single Dads Society, Book 1

By Megan Slayer

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

From Loose Id

27,000 words, Novella

An AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller!

Colin Baker owns a book store and he’s back in Cedarwood with his son. He’s looking for a new start after a bad breakup, but he never expected that start to include his old crush, Officer Jordan Hargrove. Jordan hasn’t come out, but if he can score with Colin, then he’s all in. He’s dreamed of hot nights with the quiet man.

After a speeding ticket and some hurt feelings, sparks fly between the bookstore owner and the police officer, but Cedarwood is a small town with small town values, and a gay couple isn’t what the town expects. Colin’s created a support group for single gay fathers and he feels he’s making some difference in Cedarwood. Some folks in Cedarwood are fine with these two men reconnecting, but some aren’t.

Will the naysayers be enough to drive Colin and Jordan apart, or will they make their way together in this small town.

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Two New Titles from Bestselling M/M author Maggie Walsh #MMRomance #NewTitles

"The Final Countdown" Beyond the Angel Pack book 5
And "Fin" The Angel Pack book 15

The Final Countdown already hit #1 on the Bestsellers list.

When Nicco found his mate at the age of sixteen, he knew he could not claim him. Thad was too young for him, but that didn’t stop Nicco from checking in on his mate. One day, Thad comes to Nicco to say goodbye and inform Nicco that he is leaving. The pain of losing his mate, even without claiming him, is too great and Nicco is forced to turn to a witch to place a spell on him to block the agony, so that he could go on.
Now, eleven years later, a stalker terrorizes Thad, and he turns to ParaSafe for protection, but he is unprepared for the cold man his mate has become. Realizing that it has to be the spell that is causing Nicco’s strange behavior, they must find the witch in time to reverse the spell so that Thad can stand by his mate in the upcoming battle, or they will all be doomed.
Nicco stood and stretched his arms over his head. A wonderful, delicious scent hit him, and Nicco’s cock filled again. Lowering his arms, he spun quickly from a noise behind him and came face-to-face with a beautiful young man.
No, not a man, a kid. Well, not exactly a kid, but not an adult. He had to be somewhere in his mid-teens. The beautiful creature before him had the most amazing cobalt-blue eyes surrounded by long, thick black lashes. A sleek nose and pouty lips made his face almost angelic. Soft, shaggy, short, chestnut-brown hair framed his face, making his skin appear very pale.
“Don’t worry. I won’t say anything. I’m on team Edward. Well, I’m on team Edward and Jacob together actually. They really need to get rid of Bella and just jump each other, you know? I heard they were thinking about making it into a movie. I’m not sure about that though. Usually Hollywood destroys books when they make them into movies. They would really have to find some great people to play the roles though, and then maybe it will have a chance,” the young man rambled on.
“What are you talking about?” Nicco asked in confusion. He had no idea what the hottie was babbling about. Who were Edward and Jacob, and what did that have to do with this kid finding him sucking the blood from the vagrant?
“Twilight. Have you ever read it? It came out about a year ago. There is another one coming out soon, and I hope my foster Mom will let me get it. I had to sneak the first one from Ginny’s room while she slept, then get it back before she woke up, or there would have been hell to pay.”
Nicco shook his head as he stared at the young man. “This is a book you’re talking about?”
The young man sighed. “Yeah. Twilight. I guess you never heard of it. I mean, why would you with you being old and all? It’s a book for young girls actually, but I love it.”
“Old?” Nicco asked with a raised brow.
“Yeah. What are you like twenty-five? That’s too old to be reading a book like that.”
Nicco smiled. Did this kid seriously just say he looked twenty-five? He would have to rub that in Vik’s face. If this kid only knew he had just celebrated his two-thousandth birthday. Of course, being a vampire, he didn’t look it, but he certainly didn’t look twenty-five either. Thirty maybe.
“Anyway, you don’t have to worry about me telling anyone that you’re a blood sucker. I mean a vampire. Even if I did say anything, no one would believe me. My foster parents don’t give a crap as long as we don’t cause trouble and they keep getting their money from the state. The other kids in the house couldn’t care less what I said or did. They’re all just waiting to age out, and as long as I don’t touch their stuff, they kind of ignore me. And my case worker doesn’t believe anything I say. When I told her the asshole John, my last foster father, was looking at me like I was a feast and I could tell he wanted me, she just ignored me. Then when John did come after me and tried to molest me, she lied to her bosses and said she had no idea, and then dropped me off with the Winston’s. Everyone knows the Winstons are the ones you go to when they can’t put you anywhere else and you just have to bide your time until you age out.”
Nicco’s head was hurting from this kid’s ramblings. But from what he could gather, the kid was in the human foster system and living in a foster home. “What’s your name, kid?” Nicco asked.
“I’m not a kid. I’m sixteen,” the kid grumbled angrily as he crossed his arms over his chest.
Nicco smirked. “Forgive me, I’m sorry, sir. So, what is your name, Mister?” Nicco teased.
“Thaddeus Blake, but everyone calls me Thad. And who are you besides a vampire?”
“Nikolai Sinclaire, but everyone calls me Nicco.”
“So, Nicco, are you going to have to wipe my mind like you did that guy, now that I discovered you?” Thad asked.
“To ensure no one finds out about my kind, yes. How did you know I wiped out his memories?”
“I don’t know. I just did. I watched you talking to him, then saw what you did. Now he’s sitting there with a strange far-off look on his face, so I figured you must have done something to him.”
“You’re a pretty smart kid,” Nicco stated.
“I’m not a kid. I may only be sixteen, but I’m more mature for my age than most.”
“I believe you,” Nicco said with a chuckle.
Thad narrowed his eyes at Nicco as he glared at him. “Are you laughing at me?”
“No, beautiful, Thad, I am definitely not laughing at you. I find you fascinating.”
“And beautiful, I heard you say beautiful. Do you really think I am? Or are you just pulling my leg?”
“No. I think you are gorgeous,” Nicco answered. And he did. Thad was incredibly beautiful, and Nicco had no doubt his looks would only enhance as Thad got older. He still had a few years of growing to do, but once he was an adult, Nicco knew he would be a heartbreaker.
“I think you’re pretty sexy yourself there, Nicco. If I were only a little older, maybe you would give me a shot,” Thad flirted.
“When you are no longer jailbait, come and see me, Thad. I will definitely give you a shot.” And Nicco meant it. It wasn’t every day you met your mate.

NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.bookstrand.com/book/the-final-countdown 

And "Fin" Coming February 14th, 2018. Now available for pre-order.

The battle the pack have all been waiting for is now upon them. Their enemy advances closer as even the world around them falls to total annihilation.
Jesse and Micah try to grasp the severity of the situation while still keeping everyone safe, but soon learn that is not possible. Pulling on their love for one another in hopes that it will see them through, Micah and Jesse step out onto the field of battle, along with those they love, and hold onto their faith that Fate knew what she was doing when she chose them.
As the battle ensues, many surprises are revealed, but a world of heartbreak shatters their resolve. In the end, will they stand victorious or will Hades win and bring the world to its knees in darkness for eternity?
When all is said and done, when the battle is over and the smoke clears, only one remains standing, in a field of blood, but is it one on the side of good or evil?

Jesse took a deep breath and grabbed the can of shaving cream, sprayed some on his hand, then lathered his face. He reached for his razor and lifted his chin, pulling the blade up against his skin. As he did, his thoughts went to Micah, and a smile came to his lips instantly. His mate was the most wonderful man he had ever met, and he really was the luckiest man to have ever lived to have Micah Angel as his. Even if they were to lose and die, at least he had been blessed with spending the last few years of his life with Micah, knowing what real love was.
Tears came to his eyes every time he thought of his mate’s love for him, but they were tears of pure joy and love. He never knew love like he felt for Micah, and the love that Micah gave to him in return, was even possible until he found his mate. He thanked Aurora and the gods every day for Micah. He didn’t know how he had lived the years he had before he met his mate because he couldn’t imagine life without Micah in it.
“Are you okay, baby?” Micah’s soft, sexy voice came to him from the doorway, and Jesse lifted his gaze to find Micah leaning against the doorframe. His gaze met Micah’s in the mirror, and he gave his mate a loving smile.
Micah returned the smile and pushed away from the doorframe, then walked toward him, stopped behind him and placed a hand on his nape. “You look so sexy standing here with just a towel wrapped around your hips, your wet hair all brushed back away from your face, hanging loose down your back, and a foamy white beard on your face.”
Jesse chuckled. “It’s the white beard that does it, right?”
Micah leaned in and nibbled on his neck. “Mmmm, definitely the white beard.”
Jesse stood there enjoying his mate’s attention, for a moment just getting lost in the feelings. Gods he couldn’t get enough of his man. “So what’s the plan for today, love?”
Micah kissed his neck one more time, then looked at him in the mirror. He could see all the stress on Micah’s face as well, and the worry in his eyes. “I’ve called a meeting of the council and all their seconds as well as each one’s best strategists. I have a feeling this battle is coming soon, and we need to come up with some kind of plan. I know it will be impossible to figure out what Hades will do, especially with magic and powers involved, but I’d like us to start coming up with scenarios and try to formulate some kind of plan.”
“I agree. We can’t be fully prepared, but maybe putting everyone’s heads together will help us come up with something. Do you still think we should keep Phen, Ryland, and Lucifer in the dark about the battle not including them?”
Micah sighed heavily as he rested his chin on Jesse’s shoulder. “I’ve been thinking about that. The prophecy and Aurora said that we would all find our mates and would have to stand together to face this final battle. I know they are thinking that they will be involved because they have been here fighting alongside us every step of the way, but Dante and I believe that’s not the case. And now that Nicco’s mate has returned just as the horsemen have been set free, it makes us believe it even more. Even though others around us have found mates as well, I think it is just a coincidence and has no bearing on the prophecy, or the battle. You know they will want to be right there by our side, but I still don’t think they are supposed to be. I think that they have been brought in to help us get prepared for what is to come and to be the ones left standing when it’s all over. Like continuation of government.”
Jesse’s eyes went wide, and he turned his head to look at Micah. “So, you don’t think we can win?”
Micah wrapped his arms around Jesse’s waist from behind and hugged him. “That’s not what I’m saying, baby. Yes, I have a few doubts, but it would be irresponsible and foolish of me not to. We are few going up against many. You know Minos and Hades will come with an army of their rogues and Nephilim, and I need to be realistic. There is a good chance we may not be victorious. And even if we are, look at the rest of the world around us. What will be left when all is said and done? Lucifer, Phen, and Ryland would be a strong force of magic and power to lead those who were left,” Micah replied as he slowly carded his fingers through Jesse’s wet hair at the back of his head.
“That’s true. Can you see those left on Earth seeing Lucifer himself as one of their new leaders?” Jesse asked, laughing.
Micah joined in and then kissed Jesse again. “I would want to stick around just to see that.”
The two stood wrapped in each other’s arms for a moment as they thought of what that new world would look like. Then Jesse sighed and said, “I don’t like that they won’t be a part of this though.”
“I know, baby. Neither do I. Let’s get through tonight, then I have the meeting scheduled for first thing in the morning.”
PRE-ORDER: http://www.bookstrand.com/book/fin

PLEASE NOTE: The Angel Pack and Beyond the Angel Packs series are a sister series that has a story ARC that goes through both and should be read in order as follows: Betrayal, Secrets, Truth, Trust, Dante's Mates, Underneath, Viktor's Familiar, United, When World's Collide, Envy, Kindred, Wounded, Home, Lucifer Rising, Power, Mating Mayhem, Masquerade, Fate, The Final Countdown, and Fin.
To learn more about Maggie and her work: